Borne of these acts so innocently planned;

Holding in the intents wholesome views;

Like of a child wanting to abandon fellow students;

Just as misguide as well in fabricated mettle.

Cut loose the minute to minute, group mentality;

And drop the month to month, troubles controllable.

In favor of the second to second, whimsies of anger;

And century to eternity, damnation of earthly bounds.

Yet, with such ignorance weighing in;

How can one allow such breeze filled thoughts;

To compact a thinking body to act upon its idiocrasy.

To move through these actions without mind;

Is something to behold with double dropped mouth.

Reaching out to clinch a dim future;

One that all must embrace;

But to do so in isolation of misguide fervor;

This brings no more wholeness to feat;

It only brings extremities.

In doing such acts will have bred;

Youngling’s minds to abandon;

To evade corruption;

And the false courage it has birthed;

To secretly tremble at it, as no need be.

In true courage you will find;

That standing to dismembered Lady Liberty;

Standing as a unit, whole, complete;

Our unity can refurbish her to new glory;

Also hastily sentence to judge and jury;

The mutilator of those great ideals we hold dear.

 To embrace the dream;

 One that slowly forms in tears;

When suffering has become theme;

 Grasped, when only, we defy our fears.