Invoke in me, my Muse;
Permit my kindling thoughts fire,
A dwelling to ravish on its own.
To scorch without resistance,
or threat of quenching beneath words,
So heavy the lines of others weigh,
That mine own flames extinguish.

Though I know, in time,
My fire to smother out,
Let it be for lack of property,
That all land it creates,
to be exposed and searched,
only left is the ash of the fire.
Then you, my Muse,
Once again bring life to it,
Allow provoking thoughts to arise,
Through you my Muse.

Muse, my divine Muse,
Allow your question to bloom,
in the remnants of my fire,
Cause much prettier is the flower,
That rises in the ashes;
Many in the place of the ones before,
Ones that I ratify on you now,
Let that flower be tinder,
That later would ignite.
My Muse, be generous,
let my words bring thy honor,
and let my works blaze,
beauty and truth in your name.