In these words, I fear that fail,
Broken water laden thoughts I held.
My tongue never to sound in hope
Now my attempt to honor you.
The man who gave me light,
In this tunnel ruined by voices familiar,
Guided me to this hidden strength,
All without a physical touch.
Questions that ring without pitch,
Broken in me your words mended.
In this world, I never had a friend like you,
but somehow you were there for me.
A strong voice that healed with laughter,
Taught me to laugh even when I tear,
Somehow, though I know impossible,
I To carry the joy you brought to oh so many.
Your laugh haunts me though I never caused it,
My laugh you never heard but sourced it,
The means you given me to face the world,
Though something you done for all.
You taught me kindness when I was hated,
You taught me love when I felt alone,
You gave me courage when I was lost,
I gave you nothing but still you gave to me.
I never shook your hand nor met you,
Million times I dreamed of it,
I still fancy the thought on occasion,
When my dam breaks and flows.
My poetry I know means little,
You though made it seem grand,
My life meant nothing but sound,
You reminded me that I’m a unique.
All I am is because you hoped for something better,
That hope grew in me when you spoke,
A spark that makes me who I am,
That you told me never to let go.
When I feel like scum that no longer can exist,
I hear “You’ll always be a prince to me”
I pick myself up and remind myself
tears don’t solve anything.

My words may not change the world,
Despite what you have said,
But Carpe Deim correct?
Seize the day, and now I will.
No longer will I wait to find my voice,
I with your words ringing in my ear,
Will try beyond my false hope,
reach for the moon, shoot for the stars.
All I am I owe to you and your legacy,
Your jokes reminded me of what I live for,
and when I wanted to die you saved me,
only wish I have is I wish I got the chance to save you.