Define your own name,
One word is all you need,
Define, not what it stands.
I dare you to scratch and search,
My sweet, fair, and noble reader.
I know you be fair, and be sweet,
For you foretake of poetry’s treat.
I know you to be noble as well,
For you to suffer this pseudo-poem,
Yet, let me know. Define your own name,
Whisper into me, mummer it onto me,
State it across my head, Shout it in my face,
Yell it at me, scream it to me,
Not that Leo stands for lion,
That is NOTHING more than Meaning!
Define your own name,
Pulverize it, Thrash it, Juice it,
Hug it, Kiss it, Rub it,
Abuse it, Hate it
Support it, Love it.
Ignore it,
smoother it,
Extract it,
Bake it,
Enjoy it,
Detested it,
just. . .