Like leaves blown to the lake below,
Fraught with fear of feign foresight, easy to see,
I find myself delicately directed,
Pushed by prancing air that encircles me.

Each sway that swings my softer song,
Notes never here before heard so truly,
That douse my descent with delicate decrees,
A subject so subdued, nature names newly.

Such sweet sounds slowly soak the air,
I continue to cascade unto careful currents,
Each breeze brings bouts of bright reflective beauty,
Wanting no worship or verbose warrants.

The lake lying lower, glistering in the golden light,
The meeting with this mistress meanders in my mind,
Each sway signaling a second closer to our satisfying seclusion,
Kindling each keen kempt thought of our one of a kind.

Landing lightly on the lakes love filled liquid,
when water would overflow upon I,
seeping into each sensual inch extravagantly,
Beautifully bounded, I will bid blissfully to the sky bye.

Know that for leaf, one thing is true,
That with this love in the air I shall land in you,
If I am tried in loves trial it be found a true case,
Like the leaf who loves the lake and its enteral embrace