Wait for it, all of it,
It’s coming slowly,
If you want it.
Ahh, such sweet fate,
Tap, Tap, Pace, Pace.
Broken ready an honored race.
It is all a joke with bashed hand,
It’s a joke with a better face.
Waiting, I wish it would come.
A joke better accepted,
When soaked in rum,
Numbed pain of ambition,
Satisfaction to come.
Where shall I wait?
Should I be here?
Maybe wrongly I sat,
For the punchline to return.
Once again to have reason,
The punchline is it,
It is all jokes,
I don’t know.
Wait, here I wait.
Ha ha,
Hardy har,
Broken beams,
and ill tempted bar.
The punchline will come,
When I finished my rum.