Sunset lightly layered orange, red, and all shades of violet
Laid upon a field of perfectly grown wild green grass
Sounds of a distant stream, disperses the rattled silence
Birch trees sway gently in the distance, dancing shadows cast

The butterflies glide sweetly with the living wind
Dancing ever so softly with the shadows, they are
It is a full beginning, not a half made end
The scent of gods hand is sweet and not too far

A sight of extravagance, it is so rare
The heat of day, cold winter breeze is lost
Take the sight in, with ever so much care
This path is the one of Robert Frost

Everything lies upon the others weakness
The sight is ever so prominent in the mind
It fills my heart, a heart full of emptiness
Image this great, is nothing in the word of mine

A Bald Eagle above so majestic, powerful, and free
It circles, in bewilderment of such a sight
Before it lands in a large, green, vivacious Oak tree
Proudly it stands tall, looks at me, then it takes flight

The clouds tease and play with the sun
They hang just out of his reach, so unrustled
Yet, painted fantastically by his rays for fun
My tears are fought back, my thoughts so addled

Deer with their Fawns play in the field, they hop with joy
White rabbits laying in a near patch of lavender and roses
An elk in its splendor eats from a patch of bright green soy
The animals acting in a play, beauty is what it shows us

The lightly etched sight of the snow capped mountains
It’s reflection in the distanced shimmering blue still lake
The mountain base is evergreen with small flowing fountains
Is this the dream, that is the sleep of death? no. I am alive, awake!!

Keeping in time, the sun sets, the clouds leave the air
Graceful animals all stare into the beautiful endless sky
I stare as lights dare to dress that which was once bare
Soon after they appear my soul begins to cry

The moon shares the sky with the sun giving its last light
It brings forth vibrancy from shadows cast by the sun
Exposing the beauty now in the darkest star filled night
Departing, the sun now moves so gracefully out of sight, it is done

Gleaming, fireflies light the field where the fawns play
Lingering sounds of a cricket’s chirp, joins the song of the stream
Sounds, scents, and sights; they pled for me to stay
On it plays like a Opera, beauty is the singular theme.

Notably, I feel life start to pump from my heart
It fills my body with a slow, steady, vibrancy
Lifting me as it pumps out my sorrow part by part
Operating in my body, a feeling of lustful celibacy

Voiced now, I mourn the ones that are of nature unknowing
Especially, those who are lost to the ideas of such a miracle
Youthful and intelligent words can’t explain, what is showing
Onward to life, my mind relaxes and loses all thoughts satirical

Unfortunately, even the greatest and daring artist couldn’t imagine
This magical place of incomprehensible perfect dreams
For this image to be here, it impossible to fathom
In my eyes, light that is made of love that beams

My mind, it is lost with-in thoughts of small logic
The thoughts race and to try to simply explain
For this place is not one of the terms that are geologic
For this I must question, am I completely sane

For there is no plot of soil nor landscape near to a perfect scene
What is it that brings to mind this area that begs me to stay
It’s a memory, that when Andrea Bocelli slowly begins to sing
His song takes wings and in his words, Por Ti Volaré

So what is the memory that makes me fly, something ambitious
It is where all my hopes, loves, and dreams reach my eyes
Something that was out of reach and fictitious
It is the land that covers the front with lies