The sky densely draped with a theme of gray, green, and black
Piled upon the patchy brown grass of a dead field
Screams fill the air with only thunder to answer back
The trees burnt from lighting and stripped of their shield

Wasp fill the air and fly violently through the raging wind
Fighting for every inch against the invisible foe
This is no beginning, it is the true dramatic end
Demons play and cheer at the sight of this woe

A sight of despair, so commonplace
The cold winter breeze chills to the bone
Try to forget it all, even the taste
This path is the one that is worn

All that can be seen is the weakness
The sight is ever so dominating in the mind
It destroys my heart, leaves it full of emptiness
Image this horrible, is the world of mine

A vulture so disgusting, weak, and slave to passions
It circles, in horror of such a sight
Before it lands on the dead, rotted, Oak log
Viscously in a slump, stares through me, then it takes flight

The clouds choke and suffocate the sun
Gasping for its light to shine through
Yet, it is as if it gave up, it is done
My tears are fought back, what could I do

Carcasses of fawns lie in the field, rotted and bloated
Rabbits lie in piles of fur, skeletons all that remain
A Large snakeskin lies in the ribs of an elk, where it molted
It’s in my mind, this snapshot, image, this stain

The bold faced cliffs scream in your face without prejudice
A sickening green river flows fiercely to the coal black lake
They are the bars that won’t allow an escape for us
Nightmare, nightmare but it is too true not to be awake

The green and grey leaves the sky and black is all that remain
The land is no longer visible nor is the sky
This truth of the night, our true bane
I sit back in depression, desolation, and begin to cry

The sky only bashes light in short, brutal, flashes
To emphasize the true dread of the true land and its permanence
More horrendous sights as each light passes
I must block it off, refuse it and hold it at distance with my broken fence

Eyes shine yellow indifferently, where the fawns carcasses lay
The crunching, slurping, and howling joins the thunder trumpeting stream
Sounds, sent, and sights; I pled with all above and below not to stay
On it plays like a funeral, despair, and death being its theme

I can feel it again, the fear pump from my heart
It fills my body with rushed, panicked, lassitude
Drudging me down as anxiety is pumped in part by part
Operation my body, a feeling of fearful aptitude

Voiced now, I mourn the ones of nature that this is all they know
Especially, those lost to its consuming resentment and dread
Youthful and intelligent words cannot express this level of woe
Onward to the end, onward, onward to sorrow till were dead

Unfortunately, this land is not easy to escape once you have seen
This cursed place of an incomprehensible nightmare
Ask yourself what could this land, to me mean?
For it is a land we all have been to and one we bear


My mind, is lost in pure apprehension
The thoughts race and race and where does the blame lay
They brought me here to this land, this tension
Am I sane? am I sane? what else is there to say

This land holds to me as real as it can be
My mind begs to leave but its twisted roots won’t let go
Why is it that this land is all I can see
That everything lends its hand back to this land of woe

So what is the memory that roots me, something from the ambitious
It is where all my hopes, loves, and dreams came to die
Something that embraces me and is factious
It is the land that hides behind the lies