Face a wall,
Tell it to fall,
Did it?

Open a can,
Demand it into your hand,
Did it?

Capture a dog,
Request it to stand on a log,
Did it?

Find your mother choking,
Beg her to quit smoking,
Did she?

There all same,
All impossible,
But still, I’ll request a dog,
Demand a can,
Tell a wall,
Beg till my knees give,
If only to hope.

It’s selfish, it always is,
Cause what I want to see,
Is my Mother there,
When I earn my degree.

So, find me all the impossibilities,
I’ll challenge them all.
If only I get one miracle,
That one wish,
That my mother,
Would forsake that gray devil,
So that she can embrace my life,
Be there when I hold my wife.

Deny me any right,
None is too great,
If only you could overtake,
This thing in which I now forsake.
That one day,
instead of paper and tobacco,
You hold steady in your hand,
That instead of haze in your room so mild,
You can hold another grandchild.

I’ll take any challenge ever given,
Send me to Syria, send me to Iraq,
If only I could have my Mother,
Overcome this insidious incubus.
Put me in a place where I cannot win,
Just find the strength to stop,
Before my life really begins.

Please stop smoking,
I want you to live,
I want to end this poem,
Showing you what you mean me,
Something stronger than life,
That could make you see.
I thought maybe a quote,
From a poem or psalm,
Then I thought,
I will quote what I feel,
“I love you, Mom,
and always will”