Dear dog, left struggling to breathe with a lump,
I shall be here petting you, comforting.
Don’t worry, shh, don’t struggle, I am here,
Each breath know, that thin metal brings relief.
Permanent relief, no more suffering,
Leave me here with pain but no extra grief.
“Mom, why must Dodger leave us now, why mom,”
little one, he is in tremendous pain.
You’re labored breathing will soon end, dear dog.
Grandma, you look fine today. “I want to die, please”
No, you must stay. “No, please the pain, the pain must ease”
No, granny you must stay and just talk to me, please.
“Yet, I hurt, I struggle, I can barely breathe, dear.”
Grandma, you can not leave, not now, I need you here.
“Deary, All I do is pray, try to remember, and lie”
But you can not leave me, you can not die.