The trees remind me,
The grass reminds me,
Each remnant of death,
fading away for new life.
A backward road,
In this forward life,
A fallen boy,
In a grown world.
He found his way,
Now, he’s a man,
Broken by childhood,
Healed by love,
Completed with passion.
A forward road,
In this backward life,
A prodigy succeed,
In a child’s world.
She is shown the way,
Now, She’s a woman,
Broken by Adulthood,
Healed by love,
Completed with passion.
Fear not, those dark places,
Fear not, those bright places,
For they’re one in the same.
Place for the amazing,
Place for the lame,
Place for the hearts of gold,
Place for the coldhearted,
Place for the bold,
Place for the coward,
Place for the blooming,
Place for the wilted,
A place to be human.