The Pen, The Paint, The Picture, and The Princess

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I am just a man who believes in poetry, maybe too much but I choose to crash with that opinion rather than to live a life of regret.

A Weariness

A new poem


A Bug of Life

A poem about how one feels connected or how one feels trapped.

Life, Damn it!

A poem about, well life.

A Few Words

A new poem, enjoy.

Follow me

Short story, sub-genre: suicide letter. A man struggling with self identity and how life exists.

Mint Condition

A poem where I explore memories of people versus people as we know them now.

Maps of Writing

A poem about writing, how one should find their own style, their own place, and avoid the mainstream if it is not for them.

The Beast

A poem about cowardice and greatness


A poem about depresstion

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