The Pen, The Paint, The Picture, and The Princess

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Green Shirts… Shits…. Whatever

A poem about life, ahh life.


A Mirror of Death

A Mirror of Death: A new poem where I explore death within life, how one dies while alive.

Anxiety, My Monster

A new poem about my struggle with anxiety.

Who Am I?

In this poem, I wanted to explore how i feel about many people I have meet in the world and about myself with depresstion.

I’m a Man from Kentucky

A new poem about my life, I hope you enjoy.

I’m so Tired Pt.2

You can find Part one of this poem in the earlier posts.

Fear It

A new poem, about a thing.

My Birds, My Poetry

A poem about something I realized about poetry and life recently.

Hero’s Broken Path

A poem inspired by a character in MGS called Ocelot and about somethings I have been through.

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