The Pen, The Paint, The Picture, and The Princess

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A Waltz in the Dark

Left foot forward, Right foot of the cliff, Hands held tight, Bodies close, Blackness consumes sight. Dance with the demon, Dance with that angel, The breeze of heat, Breaks the cold sweat, Hmm, an ending, So sweet.


Every day

A new poem


Red swirled with green, Broken with white gas. Funneled down a tube of glass, Straight to my head, and wait. There, there where I'll be found, Bloated and drowned, In a sea of thought. From which that white gas brought.

Deal of a Deal

A new poem about life.


A poem where i explore the philosophical idea of Freewill. I use to study philosophy at MSU and this idea always fascinated me


A new poem I hope you enjoy.

Living on Mars

A new poem about governments and what I think they are doing to us. Using our own dreams, fears and excitements against us to draw lines.

This World

A new poem, where I wanted to show that we are all the same. Just varying in shades of darkness.

Green Shirts… Shits…. Whatever

A poem about life, ahh life.

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