I am the pen, the poet, the being that is lost in his words that are found in the abyss.  In other words, I am just a man who enjoys reveling in his unknown reality and the thrill of the great letdown he finds in every edge of it.  Poetry to me is an attempt to reach for the stars that have fallen outside my mind but knowing my inability to reach them feels me with these wonderful feeling of failure that depresses, confounds, and mesmerizes.  I  have no delusions of grandeur that my poems are the best thing in the word, though I do believe that I hit on social and personal problems that leave me questioning the existence of those ideas.  As far as my writing, on the majority of it has a gothic tone and I try not to pigeon hold myself to that idea and you will find that some poems will be bright and happy almost like Dr. Suess almost while others will be reminiscent of Samuel Coleridge.  In my attempt to try my klutzy hand at this precious art that has eluded my persistent allures.  The Princess my beautiful fiance  Amanda is one of my many muses who has in her way pushed for me to publicizes my poems, without her this website would never have existed and my pursuit of bliss would have been a condemnation of regret.  I hope you enjoy my poetry and I hope that in some way I can influence you to become a better or freer person.  I appreciate anyone who takes their time to read my poetry, without your interaction this is all for naught. Once again, thank you for your time and have a wonderful life.

Contact Information: Robert-J-T-Young@outlook.com